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 Owner | Esthetician | Reiki Practitioner | Yoga Teacher



Massage Therapist / Owner


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I have been a massage therapist for 10 years, and overtime I've learned how to intuitively create sessions for clients that are looking for a blend of pain relief, stress reduction, and want to decompress. I understand that most of us have endless to do lists and feel stretched thin and exhausted. I strive to create a nurturing space and use my experience and intuition to address both mental and physical fatigue. If you are seeking a massage therapist that can effectively balance results with relaxation, I'd love to see you in the studio.


My style: I use slow, soothing techniques to help your nervous system move into a calm state. Once your body begins to relax, deeper muscles become more accessible, and using a medium/firm pressure, we can address areas holding on to tension. My intuitive style of massage is most beneficial for those seeking a therapeutic massage, but don't want to sacrifice relaxation. My biggest hope is that you leave with a feeling of ease and lightness. 


I’ve been a professional Massage Therapist since 2004, called to this path after life kept challenging me to do my own healing. I received many different types of bodywork after injuries from car, snowboard and mountain biking accidents, and a family tragedy that changed our lives. I feel like life gave me these moments to be able to hold a sacred space of listening and understanding for others as they heal their physical bodies and process many of life's transitions.

When we have to be quiet and honor the boundaries of our bodies, it offers insights into healing mind and spirit/soul which we could not have achieved any other way. This is the space I hold for my clients; a space of curiosity, patience, listening and nurturing, which allows them to unwind, heal and gently come into balance. I strongly believe that if we create space and relaxation, our bodies have a natural ability to want to come into balance on their own.

From pregnant clients, to those overcoming injury, processing grief or anxiety, or simply want to relax, I meet you where you’re at and tailor your session for you. I work with essential oils and think each session should be an experience that leaves you walking (or floating) away better and calmer. In a session I use my intuition and nurturing with my specialization being Crainosacral Therapy and healing touch. 

I'm dedicated to helping my clients move through life's challenges in the most nurturing and transformative way possible. Most of my clients do a blend of Swedish massage and Craniosacral therapy, which is gentle yet so powerful and grounding for the nervous system.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Western State College of Colorado. I worked and traveled in the snow sports industry as retail buyer for a national chain of ski/snowboard shops before becoming a bodyworker. I’ve studied nationally under many gifted healers since 1996 and had my formal massage therapy training at the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, CA. I’ve worked in spas, corporate settings, hospitals and homes before owning my own practice. I hold a California certification in Massage Therapy (CCMT) and have been a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) since 2006.


Massage & Craniosacral Therapist / Owner

Hello!  My name is James Armour, and I’ve been a professional massage therapist since 1999.  I primarily focus on helping my clients recover from pain and dysfunction patterns, injury recovery, improve structural balance, help with maintenance and recovery for athletes during their training, and to help bring balance and harmony to all of the body’s systems.  I also do something called SomatoEmotional Release to help clear and bring balance to old energetic and emotional patterns.

I have studied many different modalities ranging from deep tissue, myofascial and structural bodywork, nerve entrapment work, and craniosacral therapy.  I will usually blend several different techniques and modalities within a treatment as needed, or can simply focus on one or two if requested.

In my time I’ve worked at the Olympic Training Center with the Mens and Womens National Rugby teams from 2014 through 2017, and I’ve worked with the Chargers during their spring training for 2014 and 2015.  I also assist classes through Upledger and am an Upledger study group leader in San Diego.

Please check out my website for more information and client resources, and feel free to email or text me if you have further questions or would like to schedule a session!


Cranial Massage Therapist / Owner


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