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 Owner | Esthetician | Reiki Practitioner | Yoga Teacher


“Facials might be what brought you here, but what happens in the room is much more than that. When people are in my hands there’s some kind of different magic that happens beyond the physical. My intuitive nature enables me to perceive and interpret subtle cues from each client leading to insightful understandings of what might be beyond skin deep. I find it an incredible honor for people to trust me to hold them in that space.” - Lorraine

Intuitive healing touch, accompanied by a deep understanding of the tangible physical body/skin and inviting in the knowing of how energy moves through it, is the magical combination clients experience in the room with Lorraine. It is also the foundation she draws upon. To maximize the results a client is truly looking for, we must treat not only the skin, but also the whole person beneath it.

Lorraine brings over 20 years of aesthetic experience, a deep background in yoga and training in various healing modalities into her practice. She is just as aware of the energetic body as she is the physical body. All of these gifts melt into the experience you’ll receive within your treatment.


Lorraine’s beauty and wellness journey began as a makeup artist at the Bobbi Brown makeup counter within Nordstrom’s almost twenty five years ago. She has traveled as an account executive for Peter Thomas Roth and June Jacob Spa Collection. As she continued to work so closely with people, there was this ‘Ah-ha moment’ that showed her a career focused on making people look and feel their best was within reach, so she became a licensed esthetician in 2003. Just a few years later while caring for her mother after the passing of her father, she realized she was ready to take the leap. Now with a new perspective on life, there birthed a call for something new.This came in the form of finally leaving her corporate world behind and dedicating herself to helping people heal their skin and re-connect to themselves.


Several years have passed since Lorraine has embarked on this journey. With her unique business model and style she has invited many beautiful shifts and changes within her business and has adjusted to the ever changing needs of her clients and community.


Today we call it Haven Collective


I’ve been a professional Massage Therapist since 2004, called to this path after life kept challenging me to do my own healing. I received many different types of bodywork after injuries from car, snowboard and mountain biking accidents, and a family tragedy that changed our lives. I feel like life gave me these moments to be able to hold a sacred space of listening and understanding for others as they heal their physical bodies and process many of life's transitions.

When we have to be quiet and honor the boundaries of our bodies, it offers insights into healing mind and spirit/soul which we could not have achieved any other way. This is the space I hold for my clients; a space of curiosity, patience, listening and nurturing, which allows them to unwind, heal and gently come into balance. I strongly believe that if we create space and relaxation, our bodies have a natural ability to want to come into balance on their own.

From pregnant clients, to those overcoming injury, processing grief or anxiety, or simply want to relax, I meet you where you’re at and tailor your session for you. I work with essential oils and think each session should be an experience that leaves you walking (or floating) away better and calmer. In a session I use my intuition and nurturing with my specialization being Crainosacral Therapy and healing touch. 

I'm dedicated to helping my clients move through life's challenges in the most nurturing and transformative way possible. Most of my clients do a blend of Swedish massage and Craniosacral therapy, which is gentle yet so powerful and grounding for the nervous system.

I have a Bachelor of Arts from Western State College of Colorado. I worked and traveled in the snow sports industry as retail buyer for a national chain of ski/snowboard shops before becoming a bodyworker. I’ve studied nationally under many gifted healers since 1996 and had my formal massage therapy training at the International Professional School of Bodywork in San Diego, CA. I’ve worked in spas, corporate settings, hospitals and homes before owning my own practice. I hold a California certification in Massage Therapy (CCMT) and have been a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP) since 2006.


Massage & Craniosacral Therapist / Owner

Hello!  My name is James Armour, and I’ve been a professional massage therapist since 1999.  I primarily focus on helping my clients recover from pain and dysfunction patterns, injury recovery, improve structural balance, help with maintenance and recovery for athletes during their training, and to help bring balance and harmony to all of the body’s systems.  I also do something called SomatoEmotional Release to help clear and bring balance to old energetic and emotional patterns.

I have studied many different modalities ranging from deep tissue, myofascial and structural bodywork, nerve entrapment work, and craniosacral therapy.  I will usually blend several different techniques and modalities within a treatment as needed, or can simply focus on one or two if requested.

In my time I’ve worked at the Olympic Training Center with the Mens and Womens National Rugby teams from 2014 through 2017, and I’ve worked with the Chargers during their spring training for 2014 and 2015.  I also assist classes through Upledger and am an Upledger study group leader in San Diego.

Please check out my website for more information and client resources, and feel free to email or text me if you have further questions or would like to schedule a session!


Cranial Massage Therapist / Owner



Hello everyone! My name is Megan Guy and I am here to help you connect to the deepest layers of who you are and awaken the wisdom and peace within you. I am what I would like to call a Reiki 'Guide-ess', where I guide my clients with energy, love, and experience to truly develop the inner tools and skills necessary for deep self healing. 


Through years of study and dedicated practice, I intuitively blend the modalities of Reiki, energy frequencies, music, yoga, nutrition, meditation, energy medicine movements, and accessing the subconscious mind to guide the journey of genuine healing. 


My path to becoming a Reiki Master has been everything but linear. I always knew I was put on this planet to help people, I just didn't know how. Cue the long and winding path! After receiving my Bachelor's Degree in business, I fully immersed myself into the corporate world. This lifestyle quickly revealed itself as not in alignment with my inner calling. I returned to school to pursue a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Through pure Divine synchronicity, Reiki became part of my study, and also became the light on my personal healing journey.  With the realization that impersonal clinic work was no longer for me, I decided to study health and fitness, and later coach clients on how food, exercise, and mindset affect not only the body, but more importantly the mind. Through coaching hundreds of clients through their fitness journeys, I learned the intimate connection between focusing on the mind and our thoughts first, in order to allow the body to follow. 


I like to think of my time exploring the Fitness world as the final lily pad on which I landed before leaping to pursue my Soul's purpose full on. Now, years later, I have shared thousands of hours of Reiki, yoga, and energy medicine with hundreds of clients and it is the most wonderful gift! I am truly grateful. 

You were guided here for a reason. If you currently find yourself in an uncomfortable place in life, not to worry. On the other side of discomfort is exponential growth and freedom! I am dedicated to helping you feel balanced, supported and safe which will allow you to heal your past with loving intention, and to align you with all of your present gifts. I will navigate the energy with you to understand and accept your emotions with loving kindness, and strengthen and clear your energy centers in practical ways to unfold your limitless potential.  Much of healing is a gentle reminder of who you are. By stepping forward to your true self and highest truth, you become a part of raising the vibration of the entire Universe! 


Through this work, I have deeply observed and now live by the personal Mantra, 'Energy is the medicine'. Working together as a team, we will develop a potent energy prescription that is unique just for you. Whether our journey together spans one session or one hundred, when we are in this sacred space together, we are Divinely attuned to open you to receive exactly what your mind, body and soul desires.


Reiki Master / Owner

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