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Our goal is to provide an optimal skincare solution for each client and to provide a deep and noticeable result within your skin, even after your first treatment. Every facial is an intentionally effective treatment customized for each client by Lorraine Kline, licensed esthetician and owner of HAVEN Collective. Lorraine’s facials are clinically designed to slow down the aging process, deeply cleanse, exfoliate and purify the skin. This customized approach will revitalize and restore your skin, quite literally, into something new! 


Extractions are also provided as part of each session, which helps to decongest and unclog facial pores to more fully refine and renew the surface texture of your skin. The benefits of Lorraine’s facials are many and include a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, increased skin hydration, more evenness in pigmentation, and softer skin tone and texture, all of which will leave you with more plump, supple skin and a glowing complexion. In each session, Lorraine will identify what might be missing from your daily skincare routine and could be preventing you from healing and restoring your skin to a natural heathy state.


Lorraine’s treatments are truly more than skin deep, going well beyond the surface of your skin. As a Reiki-certified practitioner and healer with over 20 years of experience, Lorraine has a deep understanding not only of your skin but of your body and the energy contained within it. Utilizing this breadth of healing experience, Lorraine’s facials are a deeply relaxing experience combining soothing aromatherapy with an all-embracing face, décolleté, shoulder, neck and scalp massage with each facial treatment. 



Includes an additional detoxifying aromatherapy foot bath and hand and foot massage. 

1 Hour 50 Min $185



1 Hour 35 Minutes is $170


Do you want to take your treatment to the next level? If Lorraine feels your skin can tolerate a deeper treatment you can experience brighter, smoother and more effective results faster!


Our "Combo" includes any Microdermabrasion, Glycolic or Lactic, Flower or Pumpkin Enzyme "Chaser" to your facial. We've blended together two resurfacing treatments within your facial. This will give remarkable results with no extensive downtime!



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